Kati Cakes



A cake is the standard in defining that an event is worthy of celebrating.  One of the first things that people ask when having a celebration is...
who will bring the cake!

Pastry Chef  |  Internationally Licensed Wedding Planner  |  Villa Manager | 23 year resident of St. John Virgin Island  | Pastry Chef | Hopkinton’s Organic Baker
After being married in August of 2015, Kati and her groom Glenn make their home in Hopkinton where Kati will use her experience as a pastry chef to bring Hopkinton some of the finest artisan cakes available.
Kati brings 23 years of customer service experience with her as she grows Kati Cakes.     As executive chef and pastry chef in her former company, KatiLady Catering, Kati knows what her customers are looking for.  Quality ingredients and individual attention to detail.